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Our primary objective is to support students, inspiring them to ‘make it’ and become successful in whatever they do, starting with their education.

Success is a process and to ‘make it’ starts with a choice, so we impart our students with important skills and attributes to help them succeed in their exams, and in turn transfer these attributes into their lives for personal success.

If you are struggling in your studies and feel like giving up, we can help you. If you find exams quite daunting and simply have no idea where or how to start your revision, we can help. If you are thriving and want to out-do your best, we can help too.

Parents- if your child falls under any of the above, we can help them ‘make it!’

Over the years we have worked with students with various needs; each with different strengths and weaknesses. In view of this, we tailor our services and products to meet the individual need of each student and challenge them to develop new sets of skills they never thought possible.

Get in touch with us if you are determined to ‘make it’.

About Us

TMiP is an inspirational educational scheme specifically established to support students preparing for GCSEs, A-levels and all other assessments. With over 10 years of working with students, our vision is to inspire all students to fulfil their potential.

When ability or potential is dormant and untapped it fails to accomplish its full aptitude. As well as lacking self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation to excel, many students become overwhelmed at the thought of exams and therefore lack direction regarding initiating and maintaining their revision. Our aim is therefore to guide students to tap into their potential in order to achieve personal success and make it in both their exams and personal lives.

We inspire students through the delivery of our individual and group MAKINGIT sessions on studying and revision; our tutoring and mentoring programmes and our Budding Medics workshops.

Our highly sought after Exam Success guides, as well as our Study & Revision Essentials Sets guarantee students a head start in their exam preparation.

Do have browse through our website and get in touch if you are interested in any of our Services, or visit our Shop to purchase our Products.

We look forward to working with you.

Dr Sade Allotey

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Products & Services

Exam guides and Study & Revision Essentials Set


At TMiP we believe every student should receive nothing short of excellent tutoring. All tuition is carried out by experienced tutors and Teachers who are DBS checked and are very passionate about inspiring young people.

Our style of teaching focusses on building students’ knowledge and understanding of topics in their curriculum, using clear explanations of the foundations and teaching effective exam techniques.

All our students see a significant improvement in their academic and personal abilities, as well as an increased confidence in answering exam questions. These improvements are consistently reflected in the students’ final grades.

We specialise in one- to- one English, Maths and Sciences tuition for GCSE & A-Level students.

We also provide tuition for secondary school students of any year group. Other subjects that we have experience in tutoring include History, Physical Education, Economics and some languages.

Please Contact Us for further information on any of the above.


Our 10-week mentoring programme takes the student on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. We believe that all students have the power to change and develop regardless of past experiences and life circumstances.

To add, we also believe in formal education; however we recognise the significance of equipping young people for the real world with tools to help them succeed.

We realise the difficulties and pressure young people face including deciding what career to pursue, the uncertainty they may have about their futures, lack of direction and low self-esteem.

To tackle these, our 1 to 1 and group mentoring programme focus on building the students character, confidence and personal skills. As well as imparting knowledge, we challenge each student to think beyond limitations.

On this mentoring journey, pupils will have a better sense of their identity, gifts and abilities, goals, personal success and much more.

Please Contact Us for further information on any of the above.

School & College Talks

At TMiP we are extremely passionate about inspiring the next generation, and a major part of our work in the community involves delivering talks and seminars at schools and colleges with the aim of improving students’ study skills, providing insight into various career paths, giving career advice and linking students to appropriate organisations for volunteering and work experience.

Please visit our Giving Back section below for more information on our community programmes.

Budding Medics Workshops

These workshops are designed to inspire students who are interested in studying medicine at university to become a Doctor. The sessions are fun, interactive and hands-on.

Students learn about the pathway to becoming a doctor including applications, entry requirements and work experience. They also gain a realistic view on the role of a doctor, life as a junior doctor and career options in medicine.

Through collaboration with our partners, we are also able to provide support through the medical school application process including assistance with writing personal statements for medical school applications and help with finding medical work experience.

Giving Back

All of our work started with a desire to give back and meet needs. There are many needs in our society, specifically in the lives of the younger generation. At TMiP we believe that the future starts now. We therefore take great joy in giving back to our younger generation by inspiring them to believe in themselves and work towards a future they desire, whilst always aiming for the best.

For many years we have delivered and participated in programmes or events tailored to inspire young people in education and their outlook on the future. These range from career networking events to study skills workshops, open panel discussions to mentoring, and group revision sessions to counselling.

Some of our previous students now work with us to inspire the next generation!

Would you like us to get involved in your event? Get in touch!.


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