GCSE Success Guide (Free Shipping)
March 4, 2018
GCSE Study & Revision Set: + Helix Oxford 9-piece Maths Tin Set & Casio & Scientific (FX- 83GTPLUS) Calculator
March 4, 2018
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GCSE Study & Revision Set: With Success Guide


GCSE Study & Revision Set: With Success Guide

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GCSE Study & Revision Set: With Success Guide

Give yourself a head start in your exam preparation with our study & revision essentials sets. No more multiple trips to the stationery store, obtain the main items you need for revision in one go!
A luxury box filled with more than 30 items to help you become more organised, effective and productive in your revision.

There are also opportunities for additional support with our tutoring and mentoring programmes.

Items in your Luxury snap-shut box include:

  1. Exam Success Guide
  2. Revision Techniques and Tips
  3. Exam dates sheet
  4. Coursework dates sheet
  5. Revision timetable templates
  6. A2 Matt Calendar & stickers
  7. 1x Exam Pencil case
  8. 150x Sticky notes & Page-pointers
  9. 100x Flashcards & Wallet
  10. 5x Mind-map cards & Folder
  11. 5x Pens
  12. 3x Highlighters
  13. 2x Staedtler Pencils
  14. 1x Staedtler Eraser
  15. 1x Sharpener
  16.  1x Ruler
  17. 1x Mini stapler & Staples
  18. 1x Mini Hole-puncher
  19. 1x Adhesive Tape & Dispenser
  20. 1x A5 Notepad
  21. 1x A4 Notepad