When I was struggling with subjects such as maths, physics, biology and chemistry, Sade really helped me regain my confidence and after just a few lessons I was able to grasp the basics of these subjects. I always looked forward to our lessons because her style of teaching is very unique and she is very understanding. Everything she taught me stuck like glue and this also showed in my results.
I and Josh have already started making our own study time table with your materials. He is so happy! A must have and essential set that will encourage both parents and their children to draw up a study and revision plan. From the very first day we received this pack I sat down with my son trying to encourage him to draw up his study plan but to my surprise, my very laid back son was able to make come up with his own plan using the colour codes, mind map, colour coordinated stickers covering a number of his subjects. Today when I came back from work I was surprised to a few ticks on his study calendar, showing the subjects he revised after school. For years I struggled to encourage my son to take charge of his learning but the TMIP revision set has helped my son to take charge of his learning. This all-in-one study help will help a lot of children to organise their revision. I highly recommend it to all professional parents.
The revision sessions gave me a great insight of what to expect in regards to my exams, and allowed me to experience a more one to one interaction with teachers/tutors which was something I was unable to experience in a massive classroom environment!
The GCSE guide had a lot of good tips that helped me become more organised and gave me more confidence to achieve my target grade. I found Tip 6- Get rid of distractions very useful because I easily get distracted by other students but now I prioritise my work, and Tip 3- Keep an organised life was very good for my homework and essays, this made me very prepared for revision with having a timetable.
Sade's academic success motivated me to believe in myself and thus strive to work even harder. One of the most important things I have learnt is to worry less. Her one to one support provided useful tips which have made studying less overwhelming and more productive. For example, learning to reward my long hours of studying has helped to ease off the stress. All in all, her encouragements have only made me more confident in my studies.
I have read the GCSE guide in the revision set- it is really helpful. The flash cards were especially were helpful for me, and the highlighters helped me to point out the main parts of the topic that I am studying.
TMIP is one of its kind! An ideal, well packaged and informative resource that can be accessed by any GCSE candidate. The materials included are easy to use. The guide booklet is thoroughly explained with doable tips on how to succeed in your exams. Get the full package because it is well worth it! Very well laid out and amazing content.
I like how the GCSE guide mainly gave advice to help me have a deeper understanding of what I was studying. Normally, I would just rush into my work and never take time to actually learn it. I also always thought that because I understood the topic in class I would do fine instead of going home and trying to learn/memorise the work. Lastly, I learnt that I should try and treat myself instead of forcing myself to learn especially when I'm tired.
Thanks a lot for the TMiP revision pack- it will prove really useful in my preparation for my GCSEs. The revision tips were really effective; these complemented with the timetable really incentivises work. All the resources also aid studying. Really good, helpful package!